Regional Science Fair

Twenty-seven Gunston students will participate in the Regional Science Fair held on March 3-4, 2017 at Wakefield High School. Below is the list of Gunston students’ projects.

Project Members


Eva P. and Kate G. Behavioral Science
Meaghan L. and Maddie G.-G. Behavioral Science
Cooper D. Behavioral Science
Caroline R., Corinne W. and Charlotte K. Behavioral Science
Katrine D. and Isabel P. Behavioral Science
Natalie E., Yasmina M. and Jesse D. Behavioral Science
Aurora S.-M. Behavioral Science
Syre C. and Zach L. Botany
Mena B. and Fatima Z. Botany
Liana R.-T. Botany
Amelia W. and Jhandira F.-C. Chemistry
Kyle W. and Mike D. Chemistry
Ellie S. Consumer Science
Riley B. Environmental Science
Aiden M. Environmental Science
Caroline W. Environmental Science