Science Fair Winners 2019

Science Fair

Below are the results of the 2018-2019 Gunston Science Fair. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Photos of the Fair & Expo

Behavioral Science Chemistry & Consumer Science Environmental Science
Biology, Botany, Microbiology Engineering & Physics


Behavioral Science

1st Place Elijah H., Erik W. & Kaeden T. The Effect of Time Playing Video Games on Concentration
2nd Place Katarina S. The Effect of Choice on Happiness
3rd Place Scotten M. & Antonio A. The Effect of Videos on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
3rd Place Jhon Kevin T. G., Mark S. R. & Daniel L. The Effect of Wii vs. Real Sports on People’s Pulse
Honorable Mention Lyla F. The Effect of Deep Breathing on Blood Pressure

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Biology, Botany & Microbiology

1st Place Charlotte P. The Effect of Type of Vinegar on Killing Bacteria
2nd Place Joanna W., Samantha R., & Lauren d. The Effect of the Apple Washing Method on the Amount of Bacteria 
3rd Place Naomi L. The Effect of Organic Fertilizer Combinations on Plant Growth
Honorable Mention Shams A. A. & Mujtaba A. The Effect of the Shape of the Pots on Plant Growth

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Chemistry & Consumer Science

1st Place Sarah M., Elizabeth H., & Gigi  D. The Effect of Different Buffers on the pH of an Acid
2nd Place Zach B. The Effect of Different Liquids on Dry ice of Sublimation
3rd Place Romeo J. B. The Effect of Salt Concentration on Set Time of Plaster of Paris 
3rd Place Cyrus B. The Effect of Soapiness of Water on the Surface Tension of Water on a Penny
3rd Place Marlena G. & Finley O. The Effect of Different Applicators on the Prevention of Rust
4th Place Katie V. The Effect of Different Sports Drinks on the Amount of Electrolytes
Honorable Mention Sophie C., Jose R., & Jonah B. The Effect of Types of Soda on the Decalcification and Stain of Egg Shells
Honorable Mention Sarah B. The Effect of Brand of Sports Drink on the Number of Electrolytes

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Engineering & Physics

1st Place Isla C. The Effect of the Type of Light Bulb on the Current, Light Output and Temperature
2nd Place Jack P. The Effect of Wood Species on Breaking Point
3rd Place Sofia M. The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Capacity
Honorable Mention: Christopher V., Temuulen B., & Shuba B. The Effect of the Type of Magnet on Voltage

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Environmental Science

1st Place Aidan M. The Effect of Type of Beach Erosion Prevention Methods on Amount of Beach Erosion 
2nd Place Gianna S., Lilly W. The Effect of Natural Filter Material on the Amount of Lead in the Water
3rd Place Carolina H., Caroline J. & Maya S. The Effect of Different Locations of a Pond on Water Quality
3rd Place Lucy A., Anna C. & Skye T. The Effect of Substances used to Melt Ice on the Growth and Health of a Plant
3rd Place Maddy R. & Maura S. The Effect of Location of Water on the Amount of Water Pollution In It
4th Place Maggie S., Olivia K. & Evelyn W. The Effect of Different Amounts of a Water Contaminant on the pH of Plant Soil

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