After School Program

The Activities Office
is located in GW47
Feel free to call with any
questions or suggestions.
Luis Matos, Activities Director

Welcome to the Gunston After School Program!

Whatever your interest – sports, drama, music, art, dance, baking, video, academic contests, writing, homework in the library, community service and strategy games to name just a few – Gunston probably has a team or club for you. Our after school program provides enrichment opportunities for our students. Students are encouraged to build on their strengths or to try something new.

After school programs fall into one of three categories:

What are Late buses?
Late Buses are school buses that will give a ride back home to students that participate in sports practices and/or activities/clubs. These buses will arrive at school around 4:00pm and will leave school around 4:25pm. Late Buses do not make all regular stops.  Some students may be dropped off a little distance away from their regular stop.  Late Buses also have different route numbers.

How do you know which bus?
The student must know their regular bus number and bus stop.  We will look on the list and find the correct bus.  You can also contact Mr. Matos at and request this information.  The student can also just show up to the bus ramp at 4:00pm and we will help locate the right Late Bus and bus stop.

Students who are interested in participating in the Community Center After School Program (Teen Scene), operated by Arlington County Parks & Recreation, must be registered. Students who participated in the Community Center After School Program are allowed to use the Late Buses from Gunston. They will just have to come to the bus ramp (door #6, new main entrance) before 4:25pm.

Lastly, Here is a cool video that was shared with students  to help them be ready for after school activities at Gunston!