Beautiful Butterflies Etiquette

Sponsors: Ms. Farrah Johnson | Desiree Alexander
Meeting Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays during PM1 and 2 in Room G34
Program lasts Oct. 5 through Dec. 13

Mission: The mission of Beautiful Butterflies is to teach our young ladies to embrace the rapid changes that come with blossoming into womanhood. The Beautiful Butterflies will teach proper care of hair, nails, skin, apply light make up, proper dressing for various situations (i.e., school, social events, job interviews, and work), health and fitness. We will also focus on self-worth and to denounce stereotypes placed on women.

Who can join: In order to develop strong with the young ladies we would like to keep the number of participants to 20. They can sign up for Beautiful Butterflies or the guidance department can make referrals.