Homework Assignments: Mr. Fitz’ Blackboard site.

Art-Related Websites:

  • @rt room
    A place where kids are invited “to create, to discover, to imagine, to invent, to learn, and to make their thoughts become things. In short, the @rt room is a place for kids to explore their inner and outer worlds.” Includes art teaching resources, an archived annotated bibliography of good art books for children, a gallery of children’s art from around the world, interesting stories about artists, and an “outrageous thinking” collection of exercises to help kids learn to think like an artist.
  • ArtZone
    Interactive environment where students can create art work online
  • Hirshhorn Museum
    “At the Smithsonian’s Museum of modern and contemporary art, immerse yourself in the history of modern art pages. Have students try their hand at the interactive sculpture activity (in Education/Art Interactive).Then, have them compare computer generated versus hands-on sculpture, and identify the differences in process.”
  • ArtsWork: Arts Resources for Teachers and Students
    “…a great set of resources, links, lesson plans, and much more for educational materials in the area of visual arts, dance, music, and drama/theater”