About Ms. Saunders

  • Born March 31, 1966 in Washington DC
  • Moved to Arlington, Va one year later
  • Student of Fillmore Elementary School (K-1) later renovated the summer before my year as a second grader. They renamed it Long Branch (gr. 2 only)
  • Moved to north Arlington, enrolled in Tuckahoe (gr. 3-6), Williamsburg Middle School (7 & 8) and Yorktown High School (gr. 9-12).
  • Studied at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. Earned degree in Home Economics Secondary Education in December 1989.

Work History

  • First job at Hair Country Salon as a Shampoo Assistant (age 14).
  • Vinson Hall Navy Retirement Community as Food Server (age 15).
  • Woolworth’s as Cashier (age 16-17).
  • Climate Cooling and Heating as Customer Service Rep. (age 17, summer only)
  • Woodward and Lothrop Sales Assistant(ages 18- 20).
  • Arlington County Parks and Recreation Resident Camp Counselor (2 yrs-age 21-23), Assistant Director (6 years-age 23-29)
  • Arlington Public Schools Extended Day Lead Aide (age 21) at Nottingham Elementary
  • Arlington Public Schools as Family and Consumer Science teacher -1991(age 22 to present) for the following: Wakefield High School, Williamsburg, Jefferson, and Gunston Middle Schools (started the second year it reopened in 1995).
  • On the weekends and during the summer, I worked for Arlington’s Career Center Enrichment Program. I taught the Creative Cooking classes and provided cookbooks to boot!


  • We have a special little princess named Bikini. CatCatShe is a rescue cat and we spoil her rotten. She is very talkative especially when she wants cat treats. Can you figure out from her picture why she is named Bikini?
  • Our rescue cat Benny we added to our family in August 2017. Benny the CatBenny the CatHe is known as a “tripod” cat because he has only 3 legs. He lost it when he was running free and not owned by a family and was hit by a car when he was only 8 months old. Now almost 2 years old you can imagine he is quite adept at running and jumping on high perches!
  • I am reading all the time. One of my favorite authors is Diane Mott Davidson. She writes Culinary Mysteries, all her books are subtly one long going story line of life of a caterer. She always seems to be solving a murder, catering parties and provides recipes for you to use as well. One of the most unique line of books I’ve encountered so far due to the fact that every book supplies recipes to what Goldie (the main character/caterer) prepares in the story. Very cool! My other favorite culinary Mystery writer is Joanne Fluke. Hannah is the main character who owns a bakery and always seems to find dead bodies. Her books too have fun recipes to try!
  • Suggested Reading….
    • Don’t Eat this book by Morgan Spurlock…If you saw the movie “Super Size Me” then you have to read his follow up book.
    • Chew on This
  • Extra fun information….Pssssssst! No one knows my middle name….Stuart…..a family name, that goes back four generations. Well, it’s not a secret anymore.
  • Married the love of my life on 12-12-12. His name is Kirk, otherwise known as Mr. Saunders.