Teen Living – 7th Grade

Our Quest: Success!
7th grade Classes – 18 weeks or 1 semester long

Teen Living is a course where 7th graders are getting their first or second exposure to FACS experience a more in depth study about the relationships between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live. Highlights will be food preparation and first machine sewing experience.

Food Safety and Preparation (1/2 of grade)

  • Safety
  • Utensils, equipment, appliances and their location and proper use
  • Abbreviations
  • Measuring properly
  • Lab Organization: Planning Sheets and Lab Routine
  • Food labs: Pancakes, Microwave Brownies (or Granola Bars), Pizza, Chicken Nuggets
  • Nutrition: My Plate, Healthy Choices/Diets, Food Additives Dangers, Organic, Being Aware/Educated Food Safety, Food Project Presentation

Hand and Machine Sewing

  • Equipment and sewing machine safety
  • Sewing machine part names and functions
  • Machine practice
  • Hand sewing
  • Button Sewing
  • Ironing a Shirt
Project: Stuffed Animal
bear bunny cat dog duck pig