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Food Related Sites:

All recipes ( – A search engine for any recipe you heart desires it will find one for you. This is the most reliable for any type of recipe you are searching for. This site has a separate site for each of these food areas: brunch, beverage, appetizer, soup, salad, maindish, sidedish, kids, seafood, chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian, pasta, dessert, cookie, pie, cake, bread, holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and barbeque! Amazing!

Back of the Box Recipes: ( – Many times there are excellent recipes to be found right on the boxes of the products we use. Here are all of the classics.

Better Homes and Gardens ( – From the magazine and TV show. Lots of tips for the house, garden and recipes to use in the kitchen.

Betty Crocker ( – People who are good in the kitchen are either teased to being Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. In the early 1900’s, this food company created a character named Betty Crocker for women to identify with in the kitchen, little did they know that she was fictitious and she kept getting younger looking each year! Betty Crocker has a long history and the products are still popularly used today. Like Bisquick….

Cake Wrecks ( The most incredibly fascinating web site!  If you have never ordered a cake from a grocery store…BEWARE….here are the best examples of miscommunication.  Also, some of these cake design ideas tells you that some people aren’t thinking when they ask for their dog or a newborn baby to be made into a cake (hello? you will be cutting into it, you know!)

Campbell Soup ( – The Campbell Soup website has cool recipes and tips for you to use in your kitchen. It’s mm, mm good!

Candy Bars –– Recipes using only candy bars!!! OMG !!!

Candymaking –– Would you like to save money and make your OWN candy? Give these recipes a try….Maybe after you see how long some of your favorites may take you make want to go back to paying for someone ELSE to make it!!!

Candy USA ( The National Confectioner’s Association. Fun for you with histories of candies, trivia, etc. Every candy maker in the country is linked here.

CDKitchen –– “It’s what’s cooking online!”

Center for Science in the Public Interest ( – This web site will take all the fun out of eating they may even scare to stop eating certain things. Very eye opening.

Charm City Cakes ( Ok kids, I know many of you watch the Food Network.  But if you haven’t checked out the show “Ace of Cakes” you are missing out.  I’ve been a fan of FoodTV for a long time…but this is my new fave.  Just like a soap opera…I wish they had a show everyday.  The musings of Mary Alice about Duff is hysterical.  BTW, they are located in Baltimore, now before you start thinking to order me a cake for my b-day…think again…practice those cooking skills I’ve taught you….bake it yourself….no cheating with a box mix…I can tell the difference!!!

Chex ( Recipes using chex cereals of course.

Chinese Food Dishes –– You think you seen and tasted all that your local Chinese Restaurant has to offer? Check out this site and see if you would like to order some of it!!!

Chocolate ( – A website with various links to information on the history, making and recipes of chocolate.

Chowhound( – Yet another fun resource for recipes!!

Christmas Cookies ( Any cookie that is popular at Christmas time you will find here.

Cookies by Mrs. Claus ( Oh my!!!  A huge assortment cookie faves.  Look out Cookie Club!!!

Chocolate ( – A website with various links to information on the history, making and recipes of chocolate.

Cooking Light ( – The official web site for the magazine.

Cooking Terms –

Copykat ( – Really cool site. Got a favorite restaurant? They will have the recipe for your favorite food there. Some has taken the time to figure out how to make our favorite restaurant foods.

Crockpot Cooking – Here are some sites that could give you even more ideas to use.

Culinary Cafe ( – Yet another web site with food suggestions.

Diabetic Cooking –

Duncan Hines– I am sure you all have made a cake from their box a few times. Check out their site for some new ideas…

Emeril Lagasse’s Website ( Have you ever seen Emeril on the food channel? This is his own site and his own recipes for you to try.

Epicurious ( Another web site with tons of food ideas.

Food Detective( – Kaiser Permanente’s informative site where kids can assess the unhealthy diets of fictitious kids.

Food Holiday Fun –– Do you know what today is? Or when national corndog day is? Did you know that February is national potato lovers month?

Food Info –– A multilingual site where you can get info on food, food components, ingredients and production.

Food Fun and Facts ( – Go here for food trivia, history, lore, etc. It has a timeline when certain foods were created from the 1900’s to present.

Food Games!!!-– Jigsaws, food hunts, magic eight ball, hangman, Candy concentration….Woohoo…fun!!

Food Picture Jigsaws…

Food Reference Website –– You can reference anything DAILY that you would like to find like food jokes, cooking schools, food trivia, cookbook reviews, food festivals.

Food Trivia – ( Cooking terms, sauces, restaurants…all Trivia….test your smarts!!!

Food Timeline ( – One huge timeline of when certain foods we starting to be used and when were certain foods invented.

General Mills  – The General Mills company produces many different food products.

Gimme Candy ( – A web site that contains links to other food, candy web sites.Hershey ( – Chocolate lovers go here!

Halloween Recipes:

Halloween Online ( Your one stop shop for Halloween ideas. If you all know Ms. M well then you know it’s her favorite holiday to get crazy with food!!!! NEED IDEAS FOR YOUR LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY –

Honey –– Hi Honey, here are your recipes and suggestions using honey, sweetie!

History of Hot Dogs ( Everything you wanted to know about the hot dog.

Hot Dog! ( The hotdog and sausage makes of American have a hotdog organization just for you. It has some nice recipes for you to use, some of which are in my recipes pages here.

How Stuff Works ( This site is very informative. Aside from the recipes it offers but it also has things like “how do refrigerators work?, how do do coffee makers work?” Get all your answers to things around the home on this site.

Hungry Monster ( – Check out this new kitchen resource.  It’s got food humor too!!

Internet Chef ( – The internet chef is a bit fancier in their suggestions and recipes… but you can handle that right?  They added a new game…called Meal or No Meal…very cute, give it a try!

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans ( – The official website for the famous Jelly Belly candies… Recipes, ideas, stores.

Jiffy Mix ( You’ve seen it in the stores next to it’s competitor Bisquick but can you try out some of these recipes?

Kellogg’s ( The cereal lover’s site!  If you’d like all sorts of recipes to make click on their RECIPES link. But if it’s rice krispies treats you are after then this is the link you want:

Kidnetic – ( A great kid site that promotes healthy eating!!!

Land O’ Lakes ( You know them best for butter…but do you have any idea how many thousands of recipes are cooked with butter?

Leftovers- Listed here are several links to web sites that give you ideas how you can take your leftover dinner and restyle it for another night.  Look below for the site that gives you ideas what to do with your leftover halloween candy! – leftover Halloween candies!

Marshmallow Fluff ( This white, sticky, gooey marshmallow love has many recipes for you to try out. If you have Acrobat Reader, you can download a whole 30 page recipe book!

McCormick Spices ( – This is the huge spice mill company located in the heart of the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland. Known as the world largest spice company, it produces the spices found in your grocery store, that you eventually use when you cook. There is a lot of useful information here on herbs and spices plus recipes.

Meals.Com ( Meal planning for busy cooks and they will even provide a shopping list for you. WOW! Now, if they only went shopping for me too….

Mealtime ( Recipes using canned food. Can’t get any more convenient than that. But beware of the heavy salt content in canned food. Remember fresh is always better !!!

Mott’s ( The applesauce company has lots of suggestions and recipes. Ever make brownies with applesauce to make them lower in fat?

Mrs Claus’ Cookbook ( Oh such a cute, kid friendly website.  This is her baking page of the web page.  Stories, games, recipes….so sweet.  Scroll above for her cookie section

Nabisco – The Nabisco company makes many cookies, crackers, etc. They were bought out by another company called Mondelez International Foodservice. For recipes using their crackers (like Ritz and cookies like Oreo) Go here:

Name that candy bar- You think you are a candy connoisseur? Hmmm, I don’t know these are some toughies….But try your luck and don’t let it make you hungry…

Nutrition – Learning centers about food and nutrition. Educational games that are fun to do. Good links too.

Ocean Spray ( MMMMMMMMMMM Cranberries….tart and tangy or sweet if you make ’em that way…..

Pasta ( – Hints, suggestions, and lots of recipes for the pasta freak. OR if you want to see the different types of pasta shapes- – The name says it all.  Here you go Cookie Lovers!

Quaker Oats ( For the longest time I didn’t have any recipes links for Q…What was I thinking? Hello…Quaker Oats….so many recipes, much warm oatmeal love….

Ragu ( – The official Ragu spaghetti sauce website. It has a game with questions about nutrition that you responses will either straighten the leaning tower of Pisa or knock it down. Cute. Tons of pizza and spaghetti recipes here. Delicioso!

Recipes for Fun ( How about a recipes for making fun? Like making edible clay? Maple Snow….

Recipe Goldmine ( I stumble upon websites like these every so often we I am searching for something. This website is exactly what it says …..a goldmine….I am still looking at it, it’s so great.

Recipelink: ( This is has become my newest favorite. There is more here on their copycat section then and put together. Highly recommended.

Recipe Source ( – Stands for Searchable Online Archive of Recipes, over 60,000 in their archive. Need I say more? Great for research projects such as cookbooks.

Rice Krispies ( The official rice krispies site with tons of ideas for your rice krispie treats. Whether you want to make them into snakes, baseballs or easter eggs….they’ve done it. Check it out.

Santas Net- ( All sorts of traditional Christmas Cookie recipes here. YUM

Smuckers ( Did you ever think of incorporating your favorite jelly into dinner? This site has lots of ideas for creating delicious new appetizers, entrees, and desserts, as well as rediscovering some treasured old favorites. Find tasty new uses for the Smucker’s products you may already have on hand.

Southern Living (,13362,,00.html) – The web site for the magazine. Good seasonal recipes.

Spice Advice ( – A very helpful web site in the area of spices and herbs. The first link gives suggestions for uses of all these spices. The second link gives definitions on the differences of each spice. Good place to get ideas for those spices on the shelf that you don’t know how to use!

Top Secret Recipes ( – A lot of companies do not want you to know what makes their products taste soooo good. Ah, the secret ingredient. They aren’t secret any more!

Uncle Ben’s ( Good ol’ Uncle Ben….yummy rice…Did you know that the character on the box is NOT uncle ben? He actually was a valued employee…

Vegetarian Cooking –– The How’s and why’s of being a vegetarian.

Very Best Baking ( – Nestle’s site for baking especially those toll house recipes.

Weird and Different Recipes ( – Very Bizarre site. Real recipes, some with real bugs, unusual animal meat or some just for fun like Kitty Litter Cake as seen here on my web page. This is where I got the recipe for Cat Poop Cookies. I get my “special” Halloween food fun from here!

Wish Bone ( – Good little site from the salad dressing company with tips and recipes but more importantly it has history of the different Asian cuisines with a virtual fortune cookie for you.

Wolfgang Puck Website ( Wolfgang Puck can also been seen on the food channel and he has many restaurants. One of which is located in the Market Common in Clarendon.  His recipe link is

Yoplait ( Recipes using yogurt….. oh the creamy sweet goodness….

Being a Girl ( A great resource for the Taking Charge girl!!!  Go here for free samples!!!

Center for Young Women’s Health (  AMAZING!  Any question you may have that is attributed with being a women or her health can be answered here.  Also in available totally ‘en espanol –

Friends First ( Virginity and reputation are values that are challenged as a teen. This website will give you reasons why you should wait.

Girls Incorporated ( – Girls Incorporated is a site designed for inspiring girls to smart, strong and bold through activities and discussion of teen issues. Maybe we should start a group here.

Kotex ( Anything you want to know about using sanitary products.  Click on this site to get free samples.

Museum of Menstruation ( offers a tour of the unique facts about the history of being a woman and menstruation.

New Moon ( – A publishing company for girls to read about or voice their opinion, hopes and dreams.

Sure Baby –– pregnancy symptoms, first signs. baby names.

Teen Links ( – Based in the District of Columbia, it’s our national Teen Pregnancy Prevention site of links. Excellent.

Teen Voices .( – Girl talk about health, love etc.

Safe Teens ( – Do you know how you get yourself out of trouble? Do you know how to protect yourself? Check this out?

Phobias ( – Did you know that there are people afraid of schools? Check out this site to find over 500 types of “real ” phobias (fears).  If you are smart, you will memorize this for completing Mr. Stewart’s first homework assignment of the school year!

Research and Information

American Egg Board ( – Any information you need on eggs. Also the egg nutrition center

Careers- Descriptions of jobs by Virginia View:

Food Reference Website-– You can reference anything you would like to find like food jokes, cooking schools, food trivia, cookbook reviews, food festivals.

Healthfinder – ( A site with hundreds of links to health web sites. Great starting point for some major research !

Media and It’s Impact on Children – ( You can rate TV, videos and movies for the suitability for children. Try it.

Quack Watch – ( Do you know what a Quack is? If you think is just the sound of a duck then you have a lot to learn. A “Quack” is someone who poses as a professional or knowledgeable person but they are not. This site is very eye-opening. My favorite is the urban legends of the health field….let me know what you think.

The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition – ( This site has the many types of athletes with documents for you to load on nutrition and performance for these athletes.

Today in History ( What happened today 20 years ago? The day you were born?

Urban Legends ( – Lots of urban legends floating around. Are they true. What is an urban legend. Good reference….Food urbans legends– (wacky facts, food origins, true or false facts about food rumors…)

Family and Consumer Science Related Sites:

Career and Technical Links

Consumer Jungle: ( Consumer Jungle is a new web based program that helps turn high school students into savvy consumers without putting them to sleep. There’s a camp for everyone. Students will discover a treasure trove of games, and teachers will find free classroom materials. There’s even something for parents – a section filled with tips on how to help the young adults in their lives find their way safely through the real world. It’s just a click away. Find your camp, and start exploring!

Costumes of the World ( – See the different clothing from different countries.

Fabric Link

Home Economics- ( A great description and demonstration of Home Economics and how it evolved in Family and consumer science…..

Sewing ( – A sewing site with blogs, advice, links to patterns and fabrics companies and lots of sewing ideas from the classroom to personal use at home. Also check out:

Stain Removal ( – Tide Detergent gives pointers how to get stains out of your clothes.

Quia ( – A web site for educators who want to make their own computer games with the information they give in class. Here is the link to my games: