Instructional Videos

8th grade Videos
In Order of Steps 1 through 7, you will find all the instruction you will need to sew each part needed to make your boxer shorts or pajama pants project.
If you were absent during the pattern layout part or just need a ‘refresher’ click here.

Step 1- Inner Seams

Saunders Boxer Project: Inner Seams from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Separate the two front pieces from each other lay them on a table right side up. Separate the two back pieces and lay them right side DOWN onto the front. Pin perpendicular at the inseam edge (refer to the pattern piece diagram in your notes if you don’t know where the inseam is) Check with me to make sure you have it pinned right. After all, this IS your first line to sew and I am sure you are a little nervous. Backstitch and sew on the 15 line. You can do it!

Step 2- The Big U (keep watching to see the little u…)

Saunders Boxer Project: big U from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Sew on the 15 line (yes, over the seam in the middle). Don’t forget to backstitch. Sew a SECOND line on the 10 line BUT start below one of the notches and stop at the other notch. Trim. Bring to me to check!

Step 3- Side Seams

Saunders Boxer Project: side seams from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Do not start pinning if you still see the big U. Come to me for assistance if you can’t rearrange your shorts correctly! Once pinned sew two straight line on the 15 down each side. Easy! Check with me and then TRIM.

Step 4- Casing

Saunders Boxer Project: casing from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Rulers, pins and project to the ironing board! There are other areas behind in the kitchen areas set up with ironing too. Just look. If you are reading this that is awesome because I have super quick version of doing this casing that is easier that the video. Some times you learn faster ways even after you make a video. Come see me with the secret password: “I am super smart” to jump ahead of the others for this faster trick of folding the casing. Check with me for the pinning, tape and ALERT, no more 15 line. Sew close to the edge beginning at the tape I put down. NO backstitching.

Step 5- Elastic

Saunders Boxer Project: elastic from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Elastic measured to waist, come to me to cut it. Get a safety pin too and thread it all around into the casing. Be careful to not twist the elastic. If you do, it can be “worked out”. If you’d like to earn a special prize because you are really super smart and sew your elastic together without assistance and do it right, bring it to me and and tell me how “independent” you are becoming. GET a special treat. Sew the opening closed with backstitching now while I get you a goodie.

Step 6- Hems

Summation: If you were super smart before about doing your casing, then you are double super smart now. Because that same super easy technique you used on the casing can be done here too. If you missed the “super smart” privilege from one of the prior steps before you can still get a super smart pass now. Come to me to learn the “pin the seam and bam” technique but it’s a super secret!!! SHHHHH.

Step 7- Finishing

Saunders Boxer Project: loose threads/Finnishing from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: You checked all your sewing? Looks good? Teacher checked too? YAY! It’s a great feeling knowing you are all done. Well, done with the sewing part. Now we “clean it up.” Since it is all turned inside out…clip all the loose threads. Be careful to not cut your material because you are in a hurry and being careless. You backstitched every seam so you can cut the long threads right to the backstitch. All is secure. Shake it out…No more strings? Now flip it out to be “right side out.” Clip some more. Head to the ironing board. Your short/pants shouldn’t be wrinkled if you stored them nicely each day. However you are ironing out all the seams to be flat.
Turn it in for grading and do an evaluation for me! Then do the happy dance!

ICYMTPLD(in case you missed the Pattern Layout Demo) :

You have a big piece of folded fabric and possibly some elastic and thread. That’s nice. Don’t you wish you could throw it all up into the air and BAM-your project is automatically sewn? Yeah, me too only, I’d like to do that with dirty dishes but I’d only end up with a concussion. Silliness aside, we need to cut out the materials in specific shapes using a PATTERN. We pin them down in a LAYOUT.

Saunders Boxer Project: boxer layout from gunstontv on Vimeo.
Summation: Material folded once (came folded in half already maybe?) with SELVAGES together. Get pattern envelope in your size from the box. Check that you have both a BACK and FRONT in that size and lay them down on material (wait! do you have a one-way pattern on your fabric?). Pin grainline first, making sure it’s straight (parallel) to the selvage and pin. Smoothing out to the edges. Pin every corner, every notch and in between, you should be able to fit four fingers in between each pin but no more. Get checked before cutting.