Services and Collaboration

Resource Teacher for the Gifted

The Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG) works in classrooms with teachers, with small groups of students, and with parents on meeting the needs of highly able students. This teacher supports the classroom teacher in the following ways:

  • collaboratively plan units/lessons that differentiate content, process, and product
  • provide student enrichment support and supplemental resources to teachers
  • model and train teachers in instructional strategies appropriate for highly able/gifted learners
  • inform about gifted education training opportunities
  • facilitate the identification process

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Middle School Gifted Services Activities

  • Thematic Instruction
  • Interdisciplinary Units
  • Creative/Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
  • Mindmapping
  • Socratic Seminar
  • Primary Documents Analysis
  • Compacting and
  • Independent Study

Classroom Teacher’s Role in Differentiation for Gifted

  1. Collaborate with the RTG to provide differentiated curriculum, extension opportunities, and supplemental curriculum resources
  2. Plan units and lessons to meet the learning needs of students eligible for gifted services
  3. Coordinate instructional needs of all learners in the classroom