About Mr. Costner

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My name is Harry Costner. I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1968. My father’s job with Exxon Research caused our family to move around during my early childhood. I have lived in Belgium, Canada, Texas, California, and New Jersey.

I graduated from Chatham High School in New Jersey in 1986. I went on to attend Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. I received a BA/teaching certificate in 1991 with a major in history and a minor in eastern religions.

I taught history at Mt.Tabor High School for three years beginning in 1992. At Mt.Tabor I coached girl’s JV soccer and sponsored the Civitan’s service club.

In 1995, I left teaching to establish my own music production and distribution company. I released cds from many regional and national acts as well as my own music. During this time I co-wrote and produced three releases in the college radio top 150 and performed in nearly every state in the USA. I currently write music for television and film. I have had my music on Fox, PBS, and VH1, as well as several independent films.

In 1999, I moved from North Carolina to Arlington, VA to reestablish myself in the field of education. I spent one year working and subbing in many of the schools in Arlington County. In 2001 I began working with Dr. Rhonda Clevenson at Network 21 at Gunston Middle School. I became the director of the program in 2002 when Dr. Clevenson left to pursue other opportunities.

I really enjoy working with the outstanding, diverse students of Gunston Middle School. I am passionate about teaching valuable technology skills and media literacy. It is my goal to involve everyone at Gunston Middle School in Network 21. Gunston students will be prepared to work cooperatively, think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively. It is my mission to provide students with the confidence and skills they need for success in a fast changing world. I hope to inspire our students to become passionate life-long learners.

Email Mr. Costner at harry.costner@apsva.us