Video Journalism

Network 21 is a student-run TV studio, dynamic student centered classroom, and enterprising multimedia production facility. Network 21 offers video journalism classes for sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

Sixth Grade Video Journalism

Sixth graders analyze television shows and commercials for both content (the message) and technical quality (camera shots, camera moves, special effects, and editing). They also create their own stop actions, commercials, PSAs (public service announcements), news shows, music videos, and game shows.You can expect to participate in this class in these ways:

  • Use your writing skill to create story boards and scripts.
    All videos must have a written script or story board.
  • Work cooperatively in groups to create videos.
  • Listen and observe during demonstrations.
  • Listen and take turns speaking during discussions.
  • Take turns using equipment.
  • Reshoot and edit until your project is worthy of an “A.”
  • Keep a notebook with notes and story boards.
  • Complete tests.

Seventh Grade Video Journalism

The seventh grade class is a one semester class which students may take in either September or January. By the end of the semester, students will have the skills to produce a video for Good Morning Gunston or for the Gunston TV blog. This production will include creative brainstorming, storyboarding, scriptwriting, camera shooting, importing, editing, soundtrack writing and exporting. Students will use the following software:

  • iMovie
  • PhotoShop
  • Flash
  • GarageBand
  • Acid Music
  • Microsoft Word
  • iPhoto
  • Final Cut Express

Eighth Grade Video Journalism

The eighth grade video journalism class is a year long course. These students are primarily responsible for running the TV studio. These jobs include:

  • Creating content for Good Morning Gunston and Gunston TV blog
  • Shooting sporting events, field trips, school events, etc.
  • Developing and working on outside classroom technology projects
  • Teaching others video journalism skills
  • Maintaining inventories
  • Representing Network 21 at promotional events, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Creating and selling the graduation memories video.
  • Developing ways to share and communicate with the Gunston community
  • Working to enhance day and evening school activities such as Black History Potluck, career day, decades day, and Hispanic Heritage Night