Month: September 2016

8th Grade Formal

Did you go to the dance? (More.)

Multicultural Lunch Bunch

What do students talk about during their lunches with Ms. Monica? (More.)

Spring Break Re-cap

Students and staff talk about what they did over Spring Break. (More.)

Favorite Music

What do GMS students like the most? (More.)

Gunston’s Ultimate Team

How is Gunston’s Ultimate Frisbee Team doing in its second year? (More.)

Exploring the Wheel

Sixth graders talk about their experiences exploring electives at Gunston (More.)

New Teachers Take Gunston by Storm

How do new Sixth grade teachers feel about Gunston? Stinger staff interviewed some new sixth grade teachers in the middle of the year. The Stinger collected their opinions about working at Gunston, expectations for 2016, and fun facts.   The new teachers like Gunston quite a lot. They like its many resources, its supportive teachers, and wonderful […]