April 14, 2023

Greetings Gunston Families,

We were fortunate this week to have a visit from Congressman Don Beyer.  The invitation was for the purpose of making a real-world connection to the 7th Grade Civics and Economics curriculum.  He did a great job engaging students, patiently answered questions, and even took some pictures.  I was glad he shared how different opinions and perspectives are good things.  While he is a Democrat, he said he has over 100 Republicans he considers friends and shared that one was coming to his house for dinner this weekend!So, real-world connections to the curriculum, messages about how differences are a strength, encouragement in ways to make changes in the world, and public speaking opportunities, were woven into this one visit.  Sometimes the messages that we want students to receive, the ones that we send/share, are better heard if someone else delivers it!  I hope this experience had an impact on students.We also held the virtual SEL and Safety meetings this week.  While there were not many families that attended, I was glad for the opportunity to connect with the families that were there.  As a reminder, the information from the presentation is posted on the web page. We continue to prioritize your children’s safety.  In a video message I shared with students on Tuesday, I asked them that if they saw something that was not safe or threatened violence that they would share it with a trusted adult; safety is the responsibility of all of us.  One way to share information with the school is through the Student Safety Reporting Form, that can be found on the front page on our home page. Speaking of safety, the Panorama Social Emotional Learning Screener, which was given in the fall, will be given again on April 26th.  We will send a separate message with more information next week.  I hope the first week of the 4th quarter was a good one.  While I did not get to spend as much time in classrooms this week, I was a part of different planning conversations.  I think we are moving in a good direction.

Dr. Wiggins

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