April Henry Visits Gunston

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.10.18 PMOn December 10th April Henry, winner of the Agatha Award for Best First Novel and author of various books like The Body in the Woods, visited Gunston. She signed books and answered questions in Theater Two.

Ms. Shanker got a call from Scholastic asking if she wanted to have an author visit at Gunston.

“Scholastic is the company that does the book fair, and they called me a few weeks ago and said ‘hey, Ms. Shanker would you like to have an author at your book fair?’”

Ms. Shanker immediately answered yes. She held a raffle to figure out who would attend the event because only 100 students were able due to the size of Theater Two.

The students were so excited for the visiting author. “I started reading her books the other day, and I really liked them. So I’d like to get a book signed and ask her some questions about how she wrote them!” Aitana PL said. Other students were just excited, but they were also mature if they didn’t get picked. “I would like to go, but if I don’t get picked it’s ok.. There are a lot of students entering,” Mustafa H said.

The students were just as excited after the author visit. “I really liked the author because the she was really ‘interesting’, and I can find her relatable!” Tyler Z enthused.

“April was so sweet. The visit was really fun,” Sally Ann W. replied. Overall, the visit was a success! Everyone who went loved it!

Did you get picked to go to the author visit? Did you get your book signed? There were extra signed copies at the book fair!

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