December 9, 2022

Greetings Gunston Families,

You would have loved being a middle school student this week.  Our modified early release schedule, I think, was a hit.  The change of schedule served two purposes. One, was to limit the number of transitions on a short day with all 7 classes, TA, and lunch!  And two, really, was to use the time to foster more belonging, connection, and community among students and their teachers.  We will survey students next week, officially, but the anecdotes thus far have been positive.  There was some feedback about better communication to students about the schedule, but overall, it seemed to be welcomed and well-received by students.  I saw it too, as an opportunity to let kids be kids at school.  I think you would’ve enjoyed that.

My other reason to gush a little on middle school has been watching the World Cup at lunch!  While there is some excitement to help manage and contain, overall it’s been fun. . .and stressful, especially watching the penalty kicks!  And today, there was some consoling as a few tears were shed for Brazil’s loss.  Again, fun times in middle school.  While we want students to grow academically, socially and emotionally; we also want to make sure we don’t neglect building in some fun.  I think we did a good job with that this week.

Dr. Wiggins

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