Great Gunston Teachers

The Gunston Stinger sent out a crack team of reporters to interview some teachers, who have many years experience at Gunston.

Ms. Woodbury revealed many interesting details of her autobiography. Here are a few highlights:

“I became a teacher from a long line of teachers; and originally, in college I was going to be a biology teacher, but I changed my mind. I went away from it [teaching] for a while working in business for several years. But I always tutored kids and got a lot of enjoyment out of that, so when it was time, I took a buyout from my company, I went back to graduate school and got my masters degree in teaching and have never looked back.”

“What kept me at Gunston for so long? The diversity of my students and the colleagues that have been so helpful to me for all these years.”

“My favorite sport to play is baseball! Watching sports is a tie between basketball and football. My favorite NBA basketball team would have to be the Wizards, the hometown team.”

Ms. Markowitz’s story:

“What inspired me to become a teacher was in 1987 I was arrested for exercising my 1st amendment rights. We appealed to the Supreme Court, but they refused to take the case. For my conviction, I did my community service teaching English as a second language (ESL). After that, even when I pursued another career, I still always volunteered teaching ESL. Finally, I started studying at nights at George Mason University for a Masters in Education, and I became a teacher.

“Gunston is really great. I have enjoyed teaching students from all over the world. Also, we do lots of fun activities here at Gunston, and I also like the fact that the school staff and students are active and work together to make a community.”

“I like to watch soccer. I don’t play much anymore. I am a supporter of DC United!”

Here are some highlights from Mr. Kolody’s story:

“I became a teacher because the job pays me so well. You can become a millionaire being a teacher. All you have to do is show up for work every day, and we do really neat things.”

“My favorite sport to play is soccer. I don’t actually watch sports on television, but I like to play all sports. I also don’t have any favorite team because I don’t like arguing about who was the best team.”

Mr. Kolody also told The Stinger that he expects his students to come back to Gunston as millionaires and share the wealth with him. The Stinger says, Keep dreaming, Mr. Kolody!

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