Gunston Science Fair 2016

Winners by Category

Animal Science & Zoology

1st Place: Isabella L. & Lexie W.
The Effect of the Age Dogs on their Logical Reasoning Skills

2nd Place: Danielle S. & Elizabeth J.
The Effect of Light on the Behavior of Crickets

3rd Place: Alexandra S.
The Effect of Color on Rabbit Behavior

Behavioral Science

1st Place: Malva d.B.
The Effect of the Power Spectrum of Sound on Fear Response

2nd Place: Keira C.-J. & London L.
The Effect of Genres of Music on Memorization

3rd Place:

  • Liis V. The Effect of Shapes and Names on Recall
  • Kaeya C. & Sarah M.The Effect of Multitasking on Speed & Accuracy of Task Completion

4th Place:

  • Hugo S., Simon E. & Micher C.The Effect of Types of Food on the Speed of Solving a Puzzle
  • Maddie E., Rose G. & Michael F.The Effect of Different Ages on the Type and Time Spent in Social Media
  • Gillian A. & Carla B.The Effect of Mint Gum on Reaction Rate

Honorable Mention:

  • Faith A.The Effect of Physical Activity on Memory
  • Bodhi P., Max L. & Henry W.The Effect of Learning Style on Memorization
  • Emily A.The Effect of Different Colors of Cookies on Human Taste Perception


1st Place: Kristen A.
The Effect of Thermotherapy on Fruit Preservation

2nd Place:

  • Natasa V., Sophie H. & Chelsei H.The Effect of Different Proteins on Temperature they Denature at
  • Jack K.The Effect of DNA Extraction on the Ripeness of Strawberries

3rd Place: Nicholas S.
The Effect of Beverage Type on the Amount of Gas in a Stomach


1st Place:

  • Aida A. & Maya S.The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Plants
  • Caitlin S.The Effect of Nicotine on Five Different Types of Plants

2nd Place: Khongor B.
The Effect of Each Kind of Water on Plant Growth

3rd Place:

  • Angelo L. & Tommy L.The Effect of Water pH on Plant Growth
  • Rosi R. & Rosa R.The Effect of Different Waters on the Growth of Radish Seeds

Honorable Mention:

  • Jonathan F. & Luke F.The Effect of Different Types of Liquid on Plant Growth
  • Nancy A. & Jennifer R.The Effect of the Amount of Aspirin on Plant Growth

1st Place: Athena B.-C.
The Effect of the Amount of Vitamin C on Stability

2nd Place: Anaïs B.
How Does Water Temperature Affect the Brightness of Luminol

3rd Place:

  • Sophia W.The Effect of Carbonated Drinks of Bone Mass
  • Nina M., Teresa F., Radina D. The Effect of Different Types of Fruit Juices on the Amount of Vitamin C
  • Abby P.The Effect of Butter Variations on Cookie Chemistry

4th Place:

  • Lukas W.The Effect of Type of Green Roofs on Room Temperature
  • Nour U. Z. & Sumayya A.The Effect of the Salinity on Hair Strength & Condition
  • Jesse D.The Effect of Temperature on the Conductivity of Medal

Honorable Mention:

  • Amelie H.The Effect of Different Substances on Rate of Ice Melting
  • Maria C. & Dora A. The Effect of Acids on the Mass of Bones
  • Samantha W. & Sophia R.The Effect of Different Substances on Water Absorption
  • James B. The Effect of Salt on Voltage
  • Lula A.The Effect of Different Sunscreens on the Amount of UV Rays Blocked

Computer Science
1st Place: Paige W.
The Effect of the Number of Characters on the Time to Crack It

Consumer Science

1st Place: Julia S. & Charlotte J.
The Effect of Packing Products on the Ability to Protect an Egg

2nd Place: Sydney C. & Sophia A.
The Effect of Different Types of Baking Sheets on the Outcome of Cooked Cookies

3rd Place: Camille L.
The Effect of Sugar vs. Sugar Substitutes on the Taste of Soda

Honorable Mention:

  • Sierra R. & Brittany A. The Effect of the Amount of Baking Powder on Cupcakes
  • Yarema T. & Britteny B.The Effect of Different Brands of Cereal on Amount of Iron
  • Karina P. & Alberto G.The Effect of Different Brands of Headphones on Sound Perception


1st Place: David C. & Evan W.
The Effect of Blade Shape on Volts Produced

2nd Place: Rado A. & George W.
The Effect of the Counterweight on Distance Traveled

3rd Place: Robert E.
The Effect of the Amount & Type of Blade on Voltage Produced

4th Place: Dylan H., Savier K., Andriy S.
The Effect of Different Methods of Stitching on Strength

Environmental Science
1st Place: Lucas C. & Camilla R.
The Effect of Flight Frequency on Amount of Carbon Dioxide Released

2nd Place:

  • Pili G.The Effect of Thermal Expansion on Water Levels
  • Hermoine D.The Effect of Different Insulation Types on Temperature

3rd Place: Jeanie L. & Willow B.
The Effect of the Time of Day on the Greenhouse Effect

Honorable Mention:
Jacob L. – The Effect of Different Insulation on _____


1st Place: Nicholas W., Jake D. & Matthew H.
The Effect of Doses of Triclosan on Bacterial Resistance

2nd Place:

  • Margaux R. The Effect of Time Exposed to Air on the Amount of Bacteria in a Jar of Baby Food
  • Lauren C.The Effect of the Amount of Salt in Water on the Amount of Bacteria Growth
  • Eliana G. & Kareena S.The Effect of Levels of Concentration of Bleach on the Amount of Bacteria

3rd Place: Sophie R. & Trinity C.
The Effect of a Dropped Object on Bacteria Growth


1st Place: Anne K.
The Effect of Shape on Parachute Drag

2nd Place: Anna H. & Eva N.
The Effect of the Angle of a Solar Panel on the Amount of Energy Produced

3rd Place:

  • Imron S. The Effect of Power Level on the Ability to Cook an Egg
  • Drew L. & Sam G.-G.The Effect of Shape of a Parachute on the Velocity of the Object

Honorable Mention:

  • Hector M., Karla V., Luan H. & Mayar A.The Effect of Reflection of a Laser with Gelatin
  • James C. & Harrison W.The Effect of Input & Output Factors on the Efficiency of Pulley Systems
  • Natnael A.The Effect of Type of Fin on the Altitude of a Bottle Rocket
  • Christopher A. M.The Effect of Mass on the Speed of a Toy Car

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