Immersion vs. Nonimmersion

immersionThe immersion program is a program where you learn subjects in Spanish This program is in its 19th year at Gunston. The Stinger staff wanted to explore the pros and cons of Immersion.

First, Mr Gilmore has taught 6th grade social studies for the Immersion Program for the past 71/2 years. All in all, he said that the Immersion Program is beneficial in school life and in getting a job. Also, immersion students learn the same exact same things as any Gunston student just in a different language. “Knowing Spanish was the key for me getting a job at Gunston Middle School, and I love my job here.”

We asked many immersion and non-immersion students their opinions, and some said that it is harder than normal school, and some non-immersion students said they were glad they weren’t in it.

“The Immersion Program is really great. I think it will help people get a career some time, and it will help get high school credit,” Kayla M. told the Stinger. Many students in Immersion expressed how the program is beneficial.

Kids in the immersion program have the same level of rigor in their coursework, but many of the students are working in their second language, Spanish. Although Immersion is extra work for some, the great benefit is knowledge of stuff in both English and Spanish. Students become smarter in two languages.

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