January 27, 2023

Greeting Gunston Families,

Well, we are actually at the halfway point for the year.  I imagine 6th grade families are seeing their children look and behave more like middle schoolers and less like elementary school students. And for 8th grade families, your middle school babies might be looking a lot like high schoolers!  It is amazing the amount of change that happens in the three short years of middle school.  It is important to mark time and celebrate progress, the time will go by fast!

One element of celebration I was able to witness this week was the Drama Elective 10-Minute Sceen Showcase last evening.  It was the first one, to my knowledge.  I was pleased to see the student performances last evening.  While it was not perfect, there were so many success stories. Ms. Hatcher, our drama teacher, shared that there were students who performed last evening who had not spoken in front of their peers previously.  So, kudos to Ms. Hatcher, kudos to the student performers, and kudos to the gift of middle school, to be able to try something new.

Teachers will be entering grades into Synergy on Monday, so there is no school for students.  Plus, the school building and offices will be closed.  If you need to get in touch with someone, please feel free to email or to call.  The main office will be checking voicemail.  The grades should be posted in ParentVue by February 7th.  Please check-in with your child about their progress this far into the school year.  I would also ask them about what new things have they tried.  Again, middle school is a time of exploration, and some students might need a gentle nudge, like signing up for drama!

Dr. Wiggins

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