March 17, 2023

Greetings Gunston Families,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you feel a sense of good luck today.  It is a good practice to acknowledge the things for which one is grateful, and I am grateful to be a part of this great community.  Your children make me smile. . .most of the time!

This week had multiple typical middle school events; our swimmers and divers made it to the pool, after school clubs met, there was track practice.  I even heard that a 6th grader beat an 8th grader in a race, well at least that is the story the 6th grader shared!  It felt like we were on our way back from the traumatic event from last Friday. Thankfully, there was no actual violence but the experience of an actual lockdown was hard.

It is a process, recovering from trauma.  We plan to have an activity in TA next week to systematically check in with all students so we can know which students might be in need of more support.  If you think your child is struggling, please reach out to your child’s counselor.

Thank you to those of you who provided feedback about the lockdown.  We will use the feedback to improve those things that we have within our control to improve.  Some of the feedback pertained to elements that are not within the scope of control of the school during a lockdown event, but the elements that we can control, we will work on.  We also used some of the early release time on Wednesday to talk with staff about the lockdown, and we’ve created a similar feedback form.  We’ll compile both sets of feedback, create a summary, and prepare a response.  So, more info to come but thank you for the feedback.  If you are still interested in providing feedback, HERE is the form again.

Please enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing your children back on Monday.

Dr. Wiggins

A Few Reminders
3/21 – Writing SOL for 8th graders – multiple choice portion
3/23 – Writing SOLE for 8th graders  – essay construction
3/23 – Spring Play –  Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 6pm
3/24 – Spring Play – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 6pm
3/25 – Spring Play  Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 2pm
3/29 – PTA Meeting (in person)  7:00pm – Topic – School Safety – in Spanish
3/30 – PTA Meeting (in person) 7:00pm – Topic – School Safety – in English

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