The Montessori Celebration of Light

lightScheduled to be on December 18th, the celebration of light is an event that is celebrated every year in the Montessori community. It will take place in G47B, Mrs. Hambleton’s TA.

Afterwards, there will be a potluck lunch and a Mummers play. A Mummers play is a type of English play that celebrates winter.

In this celebration, each student brings in a light and a food that they like to eat. Violet M. Is bringing a scented candle that is gingerbread because they make gingerbread every year. Mack F. is bringing a disco ball.

Each “light” represents a student’s tradition with their family, community, or friends. The activity brings the Montessori community together and members learn more about each other and their traditions.

The teacher hosting the celebration, Ms. Hambleton, said, “It’s difficult in large schools to come together as a community.” Celebration of Light is making coming together more possible.