New Teachers Take Gunston by Storm

By Victoria J. & Abani T.

How do new Sixth grade teachers feel about Gunston? Stinger staff interviewed some new sixth grade teachers in the middle of the year. The Stinger collected their opinions about working at Gunston, expectations for 2016, and fun facts.

The new teachers like Gunston quite a lot. They like its many resources, its supportive teachers, and wonderful principal. The new teachers think their students are working very hard, that everyone is positive and that it is a very diverse school. “Everyone is positive and my students work very hard,” said Mr. House.

These teachers believe their work is very meaningful and challenging. They feel responsible for their students and what they learn. ¨I like that I can help other people,” said Ms. Chervin about her choice to go into teaching.

Before they came to Gunston, these teachers had a variety of jobs. “I just graduated from graduate school, and I also was a tutor,” said Ms. Gomez. Mr. House came from another school district. Ms. Chervin worked in a school district in New York City as a 2nd grade teacher. She worked at the same school district where she went to school as a kid!

When these teachers were little they wanted to be…
Ms. Gomez wanted to be an artist and a teacher.
Mr. House wanted to be a teacher.
Ms. Chervin wanted to be a vet when she grew up because she loves animals Why didn’t she become a vet? “I didn’t become a vet because they have to do sad things like put animals down. A vet I know had to amputate a bunny’s leg!” Luckily, she doesn’t have to do that at Gunston!

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