Regional Science Fair 2016

March 12-13, 2016

Way to go, Gunston students!

On March 13, 2016, young scientists from the area had a chance to showcase their projects during the Northern Virginia Regional Science and Engineer Fair. Three Gunston projects won 1st place, three won 2nd place, six won 3rd place, and eight won honorable mentions.

Malva d. B., Anais B., and Anne K. were nominated for the 2016 Broadcom Masters!

1st Place

  • Malva d. B. – Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Anais B.- Chemistry
  • Anne K.- Physics

2nd Place

  • Kristen A. – Biochemistry
  • Khongor B.- Botany
  • Julia S. and Charlotte J.- Engineering

3rd Place

  • Caitlin S. – Botany
  • Aida A. and Maya S.- Botany
  • Athena B. – Chemistry
  • Paige W.- Computer Science
  • Margaux R. -Microbiology
  • Eva N. and Anna H. – Physics

Honorable Mention

  • Kiera C.-J.; Olivia L.- Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Natasa V., Chelsie H., and Sophie H.- Chemistry
  • Rado A. and George W. – Engineering
  • David C. and Evan W. – Engineering
  • Lucas C. and Camilla R. – Environmental Science
  • Kareena S. and Eliana G. – Microbiology
  • Lauren C. – Microbiology
  • Nicholas W., Jake D., and Matthew H. – Microbiology