September 2nd, 2021

Greetings Gunston Families,

We made it to the end of the first week of in-person school!  And for your perseverance, patience, and positivity, please enjoy five school-free days, as my gift to you.  Ok, no, I do not have the power to grant school-free days, and your children are not expected back at Gunston until Wednesday, September 8th.  But what is mine to give, is the gratitude I feel for your perseverance, patience and positivity this week.  We continue to get better at things we have never done before but are related to previous experiences.  Starting in-person school, during another phase of the pandemic, at full capacity, is not something we have done before.  And as with all things that are new, course corrections and adjustments happen in real time.

But even with the newness, your children look very happy to be back . . .and by the end of the day, they look very tired!  Those are the general comments I have heard from students; they are happy but they are tired!  I am believing that their stamina will increase so they are less tired, and I hope our focus on building classroom communities and relationships, the instructional experiences, and being able to be with friends, continues to make being at Gunston a happy experience for students.

I do not have outdoor inclement weather lunch updates to share, as we did not have to implement the plan that we created.  I will post the current plan on our website and will share any adjustments that are made.

With regards to the air conditioning, we are waiting on parts and for the contractor to return.  A new problem is that one of the suppliers used by the contractor had their computer system hacked, so they are not accepting or processing orders.  The contractor is trying to go directly to the factory.  In two other places, the issue has been identified and we are in the process of scheduling the repairs.

I do have a pending meeting with the new Assistant Superintendent of Facilities, to discuss why the new equipment is still not working properly and what the long-term solution is to address the recurring HVAC issues.  I will share an update with you about this issue as well.  Cooler outside temperatures and the quick fixes are short term solutions not along-term strategy, and we need a long-term solution.

Ok! That’s the message for the end of this week, a little joy about the successful finish of the first week of school, adjustments and all, some gratitude for the collaboration with families, and an update about lunch and the air conditioning situation at Gunston.  All shared with gratitude for being the lead gardener of the Gunston Garden that is growing greatness in 2021-22!

Warmly,Dr. Wiggins

A Few Reminders: 9/3 – 9/7 – No School For Students 9/8 – Students Return – Hornet Day Schedule

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