Soapbox Cars!

soapbox 1Soapboxes have started! Mr. Kolody and Mr. Steve have started soapbox construction with the end products set to race against each other in a soapbox derby!

Last year, the kids in the Soapbox Club got to design and create their own Soapbox. Mr. Kolody reported, “We gave each kid an opportunity to build, design, and create a soapbox.”

If you join this year, you will be able to learn and use architectural design, math and art skills. Soapboxes give the opportunity to learn how to measure and cut out your own soapbox as well as designing and painting it.

If you’d like to join, go to the Tech. Ed. room, G17 with Mr. Kolody and Mr. Steve to start building and racing soapboxes. Meetings are every Wednesday and Friday. So don’t forget to sign up! If you have any further questions, ask Mr. Kolody or Mr. Steve.

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