Principal’s Welcome Message

Dear Gunston Students and Families,

Welcome and happy new school year! In just a few days, school will begin on Tuesday, September 4th. Some of you will be starting your first year as a Gunston Hornet, while many others are starting a second or third year. No matter where you are in your middle school experience, we welcome you and are excited to work with you during 2018-19 school year. All of at Gunston, will do our very best to ensure that your time in middle school is successful and meaningful.We want to provide all our students a safe, supportive environment where they can learn and thrive.

During 2017-18, we selected “Voice and Choice” as a focus phrase for the year. We worked diligently to amplify students’ voice and give them choice.  We will continue this work this year. For 2018-19, we have added a new focus of “Identity and Equity.” In supporting students to maximize their academic potential in middle school, we see the need to increase our work in helping students maximize their social emotional growth as well, which includes addressing identity and equity.

One of the other reasons Gunston is a unique place is because we are home to three academic programs: the traditional middle school program; the Spanish partial immersion language program which offers content instruction in Spanish in science, social studies and language arts; and the Montessori Middle Years program. Our elective program is award-winning. Network 21 is a nationally-recognized studio that teaches students all aspects of media production. At Gunston, we take PRIDE: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence in our academic journey.

Ensuring that students have a meaningful and successful middle school experience and are prepared for the next phase art of their educational journey is our work, our purpose and our passion.  As the principal of Gunston Middle School, I look forward to the 2018-19 year with optimism for the great things that we will be a part of, for the great things that will happen and for the greatness we will witness in our students.

Lori Wiggins, Ed.D.