Science Fair 2017-18

Science Fair

Below are the results of the 2017-2018 Gunston Science Fair. Congrats to all of our winners!

Animal Science Botany Consumer Science Environmental Science Physics
Behavioral Science Chemistry Engineering Microbiology

Animal Science

1st Place Johnny M. & Francis M. The Effect of Diet on the Growth of a Tomato Frog
2nd Place James P. The Effect of Certain Dog Treats on a Dog’s Mood

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Behavioral Science

1st Place (tie) Eva P. & Kate G. The Effect of Looking at Your Phone Before Sleeping on the Quality of Sleep
1st Place (tie) Meaghan L. & Maddie G.-G. The Effect of Different Colors on Human Feelings and Heart Rate
1st Place (tie) Cooper D. The Effect of Age of Exposure to a Foreign Language on Brain Activities

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1st Place (tie) Syre C. & Zach L. The Effect of Type of a Recycled Greenhouse on Plant Condition
1st Place (tie) Liana R-T The Effect of Sugar Concentration on Plant Growth
2nd Place Mena B. & Fatima Z. The Effect of the Salinity on Plant Growth

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1st Place Kyle W. & Mike D. The Effect of Different Types of Electrolites on the Efficiency of a Hydrogen Generator
2nd Place Amelia W. & Jhandira F-C The Effect of Different Cooling Systems on Ice Cream Making
3rd Place (tie) Nicole R. The Effect of Brand of Shampoo on Amount of Color Fade
3rd place (tie) Jacob F. & Spencer L. The Effect of the Number of Recast on Metal’s (bronze/brass) Strength

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Consumer Science

1st Place Ellie S. The Effect of Preservation Method on the Appearance and Taste of Sliced Apples
2nd Place Mariana M. The Effect of Different Liquids on the Speed Advil Dissolves
3rd Place Claudia B. & Adriel R. The Effect of Baking Surface on a Cookie’s Grease Diameter

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1st Place Nuha B, Parker F., & Keira T. The Effect of Different Types of Irrigation System using Arduino Program on Plant Growth and Water Wastage
2nd Place James B. The Effect of Different Metal Wires on Power of an Electric Circuit
3rd Place Asa C. & Mike M. The Effect of Different Materials on Egg Breakage

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Environmental Science

1st Place Riley B. The Effect of the Material of Straws on Mass Lost Over Time
2nd Place Aiden M. The Effect of Soil Treatment on Soil Erosion
3rd Place Caroline W. The Effect of Different Dish Soaps on the Oil Mass of a Feather

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1st Place (tie) Anna M., Gretchen C., & Audrey R. The Effect of Natural Embalming Methods on Bacteria Growth
1st Place (tie) Sarah B. & Lucy A. The Effect of Different Surfaces on Growing Bacteria after a 5 Seconds Contact
2nd Place Sarah M. & Lizzy H. The Effect of Different Antibacterial Products on the Growth of Bacteria

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1st Place Adan N. & Jeriel R. The Effect of Air Pressure on the Ease of Kicking/Scoring a Soccer Ball
2nd Place Stewart F. The Effect of String Gauge on Sustain
3rd Place Samuel L. The Effect of the Body of a Car on the Wind Resistance

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