Science Fair/Expo 2019

Science Fair/Expo Due Dates

Special meetings: October 1 (Human Behavior), 2 (Microbiology), and 4 (Hazardous Materials). There will be a make up day on October 11th for all of the above categories.

Assignment Purple Day Due Date Teal Day Due Date
Project Idea Sept. 26th Sept 26th
Research Plan Oct. 10th Oct. 10th
Materials & Procedure Oct. 17th Oct. 17th
Introduction Nov. 19th Nov. 20th
Data Analysis (Data Tables & Graphs) Nov. 28th Nov. 28th
Conclusion Dec. 5th Dec. 5th
Completed Project Dec. 20th & 21st Dec. 20th & 21st

No project will be accepted for late credit after Wednesday January 9th.

Gunston Science Expo: January 23, 2019 during PM1 & PM2

Regional Science Fair: March 16th-17th at Wakefield

VJAS (optional): May 21 – 23, 2019 @ODU