Coach: Ms. Gilreath
Assistant Coach: Andrea Ross

A cheerleader’s purpose is to celebrate and encourage the school’s sports teams as well as to represent Gunston Middle School in a positive manner.

Cheer 2019

Team Members

8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

Ella C. Morgan K.. Adriana B.
Mikayla D. Michaela M. Gabrielle H.
Camila G.-M. Kalaya R. R. Sanali R
Olivia K. Addison S. Cyana S.
Zohra O. Juliette S. .Camille W.
Isabella W. Shelby Woodhead


Tryout Information

Cheerleading Tryout Application Form

In order to audition for the squad you MUST:

  • have a current physical on file
  • turn in a signed Responsibility form and Teacher Signatures form
  • have a C average, with no D’s or E’s, on your Midterm Progress Reports
  • attend the four practice workshops: dates TBA
    These four mandatory practices will be from 2:30-4:10 pm in the auxiliary gym.

Come in workout clothes and tennis shoes.

Cheerleading Expectations

Students must:

  • Maintain a “C” average or better. If a cheerleader has a “D” or “E” on her progress report or report card, she will be placed on probation until her grades improve to at least a “C” average.
  • Carry themselves as Leaders! It is important to show Gunston PRIDE: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence.
  • Attend every practice, game, and pep rallies. Written parental excuse will excuse a student from a practice and game. All notes must be given to the Coach prior to practice and/or game. If practice is missed the day before a game, the cheerleader will not be allowed to cheer at the game.)
  • Be aware that two missed practices and/or games (unexcused) will result in dismissal from the Squad.
  • Be responsible for her uniform – wash it after every game!

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