Technology Education

It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.
-Godfrey ReggioIn

Technology Education, we are taking the concepts from an idea to real prototype.

Take a look at our projects and come back often.

Tech Projects 2017-2018 Dames of Tech Ed 2017-2018
Dames of Tech Ed 2017-2018 Tech Projects 2017-2018


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Topher Paterno

Come to the Arl Career Center today and find out all about Robotics at Elementary, Middle, & High School level. We are here from 8:30-12:30
Published February 02, 19 6:51AM

Topher Paterno

That's my Cigar Box Guitar! Not sure what I like more, building them or playing them. Thanks APS!!
Published December 19, 18 8:55AM