Remote Learning Technology FAQ

  1. Try this first!! 9 times out of 10 when an iPad is not working properly, performing Global Protect troubleshooting solves the issue. Even though an iPad may appear to be connected to a home wifi network, it has to be connected to the VPN for the internet to work. Tap on Global Protect app and tap on the circle once to connect.
  2. APS has developed a few troubleshooting tips and guides for families to use at home.
  3. Middle School Student Technology Tutorials brought to you by your Middle School ITCs are available here (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.) 
  4. If Ms. E had to reset a student password for any reason, the password will be first initial, last initial, last four digits of student ID number.
    1. Example: CE1234
iPad Help Form (Links to an external site.)
Password Reset Request
iPad Setup 21-22 Video guide

Make sure you are in the OneGunston Canvas course, should Ms. E need to be able to contact you. If Ms. E needs to communicate with a student it will only be done through the Canvas inbox.

Please refer to the resources above before reaching out for help. If iPad help is needed, the protocol is to first notify your child’s TA teacher for “level 0” troubleshooting assistance. If further assistance is needed you may request help from the ITC with this google form that collects and submits all of the necessary information in an email directly to Ms. E’s inbox. This form is important because it documents everything needed to be able to properly assist you. When filling it out, please provide as much detail as possible.

Important Info for Parents – Slides from 9.2.20 PTA Meeting

If you need your password reset, fill out this Google Form.

Accessing Canvas There is a link to Canvas on the top right corner of the Gunston website and the APS main website.Students use their student number and password to log in. They can log in on any device; another iPad, laptop, desktop, even a phone! If there are login issues, clearing cookies solves 99% of problems.Also, sometimes accessing Canvas via the Safari browser as opposed to the app on the iPad can also resolve some issues students are experiencing once they are logged in.

Spanish Canvas Student App Tutorial Tutorial de la aplicación para estudiantes de Canvas en Español

Global Protect / VPN General Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips PDF 

If troubleshooting from home does not work, you may wish to try logging in to Global Protect on an APS wifi connection. You can do this from any APS parking lot, so long as the iPad connects to the wifi.

To assist with any technology issues, Arlington Public Schools is launching  a  Family Technology  Call  Center to  provide technical assistance to students and parents  on Tue, Sept. 8. The  call  center  will be  open  Monday – Thursday, from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.  and Friday from  7 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Support  will be  available  in English and Spanish.

Internet Información importante sobre tecnología Los

estudiantes de Gunston deben continuar solicitando ayuda del iPad de la misma manera que si estuviéramos en la escuela. Llene el formulario de Google lo mejor que pueda. El formulario de Google envía directamente al correo electrónico de la Sra. E.Asegúrese de estar en el curso Gunston League Canvas, en caso de que la Sra. E necesite contactarle.Si necesita restablecer su contraseña, complete este formulario de Google.

Acceso a Canvas

Hay un enlace a Canvas en la esquina superior derecha del sitio web de Gunston y el sitio web principal de las Escuelas Públicas de Arlington.Los estudiantes usan su número de estudiante y contraseña para iniciar sesión. Pueden iniciar sesión en cualquier dispositivo; otro iPad, computadora portátil, computadora de escritorio, ¡incluso un teléfono!Si hay problemas de inicio de sesión, borrar las cookies resuelve el 99% de los problemas.Además, a veces acceder a Canvas a través del navegador Safari en lugar de la aplicación en el iPad también puede resolver algunos problemas que experimentan los estudiantes una vez que inician sesión.

Tutorial de la aplicación para estudiantes de Canvas en Español

Proteccion Gloval / VPN

problemasConsejos para laproblemas PDF 

Si la solución de problemas desde el hogar no funciona, puede  intentar iniciar sesión en Global Protect en una conexión wifi de las Escuelas Publicas de Arlington. Puede hacerlo desde cualquier estacionamiento de APS(Escuelas Publiscas de Arlington), siempre que el iPad se conecte al wifi.