Watershed Project

1. Accessing Databases

You can locate information on your topic from school or home using our subscription databases. From school, just click on any database to access it. To access these databases at HOME, go to MackinVIA and follow the following steps:

  • Type in your “One Login” username and password. (Same username/password to access Google Docs, Classroom, etc.)
  • Click on “Databases” in the left-hand menu.
  • Choose any database to open.

2. Keyword Searches in Databases

Search in databases using keywords–one or two words, not whole questions or phrases. For example, search for “Potomac River” or “erosion” or “fertilizer runoff.”

These three databases are good places to search:

world book student britannica

Science in Context

Pebble Go Next

Pebble Go

3. Websites

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: The Issues (discusses different pollution problems of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed)

Chesapeake Bay Program
Check out sections called “Discover the Chesapeake” and “Learn the Issues”

Stormwater and Watersheds (Arlington County)

4. Images

To use images in your project, please use Creative Commons to do your search.