gunstonCore Teams

Core teachers provide instruction in math, science, social studies and language arts.

6th Grade Co-Leaders: Elma Molina and Melissa Bridgers 

7th Grade Co-Leaders:  Vance Page and Ingrid Kearns

8th Grade Co-Leaders:  Anthony Hyman and Letty Delgado

Special Teams

  • Electives
    Team Leader: Emily Cotton
  • Health & Physical Education
    Team Leader: Somer Abdeljawad
  • English Learners 
    • Team Leaders: Ofelia McKenzie
  • Montessori
    • Team Leader: Megan McCormick
  • Spanish Partial Immersion
    • Team Leader: Dena Gollopp
  • Special Education
    • Team Leader: Megan Stetson
  • World Languages
    • Team Leader: Yvonne Easaw
      (Arabic, Chinese, French, Latin & Spanish)