Samantha Walia King

Samantha WaliaSamantha Walia King

Counselor, 6th Grade




Counseling Activities:

Classroom Guidance Individual Group
Academic Planning
Bullying & Sexual Harassment
Career Exploration
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Cultural Diversity
Social Skills/Peer Relationship
Study Skills
Career/Academic Plans
Conflict Resolution
Decision Making Skills
Personal Development

Background Information:

Before coming to Arlington, I taught at a middle-school in Fairfax County helping students with learning and emotional disabilities. In my spare time I love to shop, go to the movies, travel, read, and relax with my family and friends.

Counseling Philosopy:

As a school counselor, my goal is to make sure that all Gunston students are given the opportunities and resources to be academically successful. I believe that each student is unique and full of potential. I see it as my job to assist them in reaching this potential by providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude they need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world. A big part of my job is developing and maintaining positive relationships with students so they will feel comfortable to talk with me honestly about any problems or situations that they are facing. I know that middle school can be a time of rapid change and growth. It is my job to listen, build trust, and offer support and guidance to them so they will have a happy and successful middle school experience while at Gunston. I feel very lucky to be placed in the position to provide students with valuable lessons that will benefit them in school and throughout life.