Gunston Writing Lab

Gunston Writing Lab







Gunston Writing Lab is Back!

Join us in the library during PM1 and PM2 on Thursdays at the Gunston Writing Lab. We will offer support for the following writing contests and school-based writing opportunities

  • The Great American Mail Race–send letters to students around the country! (7th grade only)
  • NJHS Essay Writing (6th grade only)
  • Nobel Peace Prize-Gunston Writing Contest (grades 6 & 7, 8)
  • Class writing support and free-writing

When: Starting Thursday, March 15, PM 1 and 2 (2:45-4:10pm)

Where: Gunston Library

Note: NJHS Essays are due before Spring Break. There will be two writing sessions for essay help on 3/15 and 3./22.