Science Fair 2016-2017

scienceThis year, Gunston scientists produced more than 260 Science Fair projects which were adjudicated by Gunston staff and community volunteers. Twelve projects were produced by 6th graders; 84 projects were produced by 7th graders; and 167 projects were produced by 8th graders. Below are the results of the 2016-2017 Gunston Science Fair.

Animal Science Biology Chemistry Engineering Microbiology
Behavioral Science Botany Consumer Science Environmental Science Physics

Animal Science

1st Place Henry R., Sam M. & Sebastian D. The Effect of the Taste of Food on the Reaction of Fish
2nd Place Alaysia P. The Effect of Different Types of Music on a Dog’s Behavior
3rd Place Maria A. The Effect of Different Colored Lights on Attracting Crickets

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Behavioral Science

1st Place Sophia G. The Effect of Looks on a Person’s Perception of Trustworthiness
2nd Place Danielle S. & Elizabeth J. The Effect of Color on Taste
3rd Place Rebecca W. & Ainsley P. The Effect of Presence on How Honest People Are

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1st Place Abigail V. The Effect of Liquids on the Number of Days Until the Flower’s Wilt
2nd Place Riley B. The Effect of Different Types of Bug Spray on the Distance the Staph Epi Grows from the Bug Spray
3rd Place Mikhaela U. The Effect of Different Fertilizer on Algae Growth

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1st Place Chiara L. The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Plant Growth
2nd Place Charlize Anne B. The Effect of Different Fruit Juices on Scallion Plant Growth
3rd Place Abigail K. The Effect of Flow Rate on Plant Mass

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1st Place Rachel B. The Amount of Energy in Different Foods
2nd Place Sarah R. The Effect of Different Teeth Whitening Methods on the Whiteness of Teeth
3rd Place Josh R., Emma H. & Lila B. The Effect of Different Materials on Insulation

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Consumer Science

1st Place Anne K. & Jack K. The Effect of Distance on Cell Phone Radiation
2nd Place Nawal K. & Stephanie A. The Effect of Different Temperatures  on the Diameter of Cookies
3rd Place Isabelle V. The Effect of Different Kinds of Whitening Toothpaste on Stained Egg Shells

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1st Place Sid M. The Effect of Fire on Residential Siding Materials
2nd Place Renee W. The Effect of Different Materials on Sound Blockage/Absorbtion
3rd Place Maximus R. The Comparison Between the Fan Generator and Coil Generator

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Environmental Science

1st Place Caroline C. & Sofia R. The Effect of a Combination of Natural Water Purification Methods on the Purity of Water
2nd Place Grace D. & Alena D. The Effect of Various Backyard Surfaces over Surface Temperature
3rd Place Anaïs B. The Effect of the pH of Salt Water on Appearance & Weight of Mussel Shells

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1st Place Spencer L. The Effect of Cinnamon on EColi Growth
2nd Place Eryka S.-D. & Izzy L. The Effect of Different Surfaces on the Amount of Bacterial Colonies
3rd Place Belan Y. The Effect of Disinfectants on Bacteria

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1st Place Kyle W. & Cooper D. The Effect of Temperature on the Air Pressure of Footballs
2nd Place Joe K. The Effect of Distance on the Accuracy of Field Goal Kicks
3rd Place Ava K. The Effect of the Material Used in a Parachute on the Time Taken to Fall

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