First Five Presidents Pathfinder

1. Research task

Pick one of the first five presidents and highlight something they did or did not do in the name of equality. Compare this to something a more recent president or current presidential candidates have said or accomplished regarding equality (Could be something they did not do). Who did these decisions impact? Did they benefit anyone? Hurt anyone? Use images and descriptions.

First five presidents:

  1. George Washington
  2. John Adams
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. James Madison
  5. James Monroe

Current president:
Barack Obama

Current presidential candidates:
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
Donald Trump
John Kasich

2. Where to Search: Databases

Locate information on your topic from school or home using our subscription databases. These include articles from newspapers, magazines, and reference books.
From school, just click on any database to access it.

To access these databases at HOME, go to MackinVIA and follow the following steps:

  • Under school, begin typing your school name (Gunston); then select from the drop-down list.
  • Type in your “One Login” username and password.

3. Selected Social Studies and Current Events Databases

Opposing Viewpoints Opposing Viewpoints in Context – learn both sides of any issue through magazine, newspapers, primary sources, and more. Click on Browse Issues to see what topic you might be interested in.

us history U.S. History in Context– video, reference and magazine articles there with a quick search.

biography Biography in Context–search hundreds of biographical sources, including encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, and more. This database will be useful in finding information about a particular person.

Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica. This is a good resource for finding information about past presidents and their accomplishments

4. Using Images

When gathering images to use in your project, make sure to search for images without copyright restriction. When doing an image search in Google, make sure you filter on images that are labeled for “noncommmercial reuse.” Better yet, search for your image on Creative Commons, where all images can be used!