Differentiation Model

Gifted Services at Gunston: Differentiation Model

Each school designs services for students identified for gifted services on the basis of school and countywide objectives and following the 2017 – 2022 APS Local Plan for the Gifted.

Students may be identified in grades K-12 in mathematics, language arts, science and social studies.

School based academic services are delivered:

  • in the general education classroom setting within a cluster group (at least 5 identified gifted learners)
  • in advanced courses in mathematics, world language and/or geography
  • with teachers who have earned the minimum requirement of 40 gifted points (PIP: G-2.14 PIP-9) and who continue to seek additional opportunities to learn strategies and curricular resources written for gifted learners to strengthen their instruction
  • according to a collaborative resource model in which the classroom teacher works with the resource teacher for the gifted to plan, model, develop and/or present appropriately differentiated learning experiences for gifted students on a daily basis

The benefits of a collaborative model are one of the ways schools strengthen services to provide gifted services to a much broader range of advanced learners. By working with teachers to add rigor and complexity to lessons, gifted learners get the daily challenge they need while offering more students the opportunity to think and problem solve at higher levels.

Quarterly Differentiation Reports

The Role of the Classroom Teacher in the Differentiation Model

  1. Collaborate with the Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG) to provide differentiated curriculum, extension opportunities, and supplemental curriculum resources
  2. Plan units and lessons to meet the learning needs of students who receive gifted services
  3. Coordinate instructional needs of all learners in the classroom

The Role of the Resource Teacher for the Gifted in the Differentiation Model

  1. Collaborate with the classroom teacher to plan or provide feedback on learning plans
  2. Provide training and professional development on equity and teaching gifted learners
  3. Offer one-on-one instructional coaching sessions

Countywide Services for Middle School Students

The Office of Arts Education offers enrichment experiences for gifted students. These experiences are designed to extend school-based activities and develop student interests.Opportunities include:

  • Junior Honors Band, 4-6
  • Junior Honors Orchestra, 4-6
  • Honors Band, 7-8
  • Honors Orchestra, 7-8

Additional information about Arts Education Opportunities