Exploring FACS – 6th Grade

Our Quest: Success!
6th grade Classes – 22/23 day Elective Wheel rotation

Exploring FACS is a course where 6th graders are getting their first exposure to FACS to learn about the relationships between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live. The highlights of instruction during the 23 days will be food preparation and introduction to sewing.

Food and Nutrition

  • Safety
  • Utensils, equipment, and appliances
  • Measuring properly
  • Abbreviations
  • Lab Organization: Planning Sheets and Lab Routine
  • Food labs: Smoothies and French Toast
  • Introduction to My Plate

Hand Sewing

  • Hand sewing

Exploratory Wheel Class Expectations

  • Tardies- if you are not in your seat when I start attendance, you will be marked late. Loss of privileges may occur.
  • Be prepared for class.
  • Respect Classroom Space.
  • Respect each other and your group when collaborating (there is no I in team)
  • Keep our space clean. When you are told to start cleaning, start! Do not delay!
  • iPads are to be used under teacher direction or permission.


  1. Warning and/or loss of privileges such as eating or FUN!
  2. Contact parent and refocus
  3. Referral to administrator
  4. Grades on report cards will be seen as pass/fail.