What is FACS?

You may hear different names for the FACS classes….Exploring FACS, Life Management Skills, Teen Living and Taking Charge. They are all just different names given for a particular grade level, but F.A.C.S. is the official title or curriculum name; the umbrella that reigns over all the names of our courses. You don’t call your math class “numbers” do you? Each level of math is different, like algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. That is what we do (in the HS level) break it down to different areas or types….child development, foods and nutrition, fashion/interior design, etc….

So once upon a time we called it “Home Economics” and…we don’t call it “Home Ec” anymore either (we haven’t for many years!). You don’t call music, ‘records or tapes’ anymore but CD’s, right? Even CD’s are dying, we download music now. So, let’s move with the times and call it what the state of Virginia recognizes it as, along with the rest of the country: “Family and Consumer Science or FACS”. We are trying to update that old Betty Crocker image (who? oh never mind…LOL)who people associate with the name “Home Ec”. , and keep up with the 21st century. Ok? But now you are saying…um yeah…BUT WHAT IS IT?

Here is an awesome example with a PERFECT video show what Home Ec used to be so you can see how far we’ve come: Who killed Home Ec?

Defined from Wikipedia:

“Family and Consumer Sciences is an academic discipline that combines aspects of social and natural science. FACS deals with the relationship between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live. The field represents many disciplines including consumer science, nutrition, food preparation, parenting,early childhood education, family economics and resource management, human development, interior design, textiles, apparel design, as well as other related subjects.Family and Consumer Sciences Education is viewed as the focus of individuals and families living in society throughout the life span. It focuses on families and their interrelationships with the communities. It is taught as an elective and as a required course all throughout North America. Other topics such as sexual education, food management, and fire prevention might be covered.

Family and Consumer Sciences is also known as human sciences or Home Economics,though this term is used for several disciplines.

Family and consumer sciences courses are extremely valuable to a student’s education. They teach life skills that relate directly to the real world. Unfortunately, in today’s current economic situation, these courses are usually the first to be eliminated from the American public school setting. There needs to be more emphasis on the importance of these courses so they are not cut and students are not neglected the opportunity to partake in them.”

Cornell University’s Webpage on FACS and its evolution: