Life Management Skills – 8th Grade

Our Quest: Success!
8th grade Boys and Girls – 18 weeks or 1 semester

Life Management Skills is where 8th graders are getting a “bigger and better” FACS experience, to learn about the relationships between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. This class is designed to be a transitional experience to High School to better prepare them for 9th grade expectations.


  • Food preparation that reflects the countries that impact American style of eating today.
  • Sewing machine experience will include the students first clothing construction project that will require them to purchase their own materials.
  • Relationships unit emphasizes the dating culture and attitude of 8th graders where discussion and behavior evaluation is encouraged.


Dating and Relationships:

  • What is Dating? / Why Date? /Qualities of people to date…
  • Dating Dilemmas.
  • Creative Date Story
  • Love vs. Infatuation
  • Pressure Lines
  • Egg Baby Project ( 24 hours Responsibility Homework)

Ethnic Food Unit:

(some labs may be subject to change due to time constraints)

  • Mexican Cuisine – Tortilla Lab (group)
  • German Cuisine – Potato Pancake Lab (group)
  • French Cuisine – Crepe Lab (class)
  • Soul Food – Corn Bread Lab (group)
  • Chinese Cuisine – Sesame Chicken Lab (group)
  • Italian Cuisine – Lasagna Lab (group)
  • Greek Cuisine – Greek Salad Lab (class)
  • Family Food Culture Homework (Cooking @ home to bring to class)

Garment Construction:

  • Machine and Equipment Safety
  • Pattern Layout (see parent letter sent home for when materials are due)
  • Repair Project – Boxer or Pajama Project

Participation* in all class work, projects and laboratory experiences is expected. If any work is missed due to absences, field trips or counseling groups, it is expected for the missed work to be made up afterward.

*For example: Ms. Kolody keeps you from class for counseling. Drat, you missed the tortilla lab. All recipes are on the Gunston website. Print out a copy of the recipe or take a picture with your phone. Prepare the lab at home for your family, and fill out the Lab Make-Up Form, either email a picture of you holding the completed product, parent email, or note signed verifying lab made up. No need to bring food in. Remember it is YOUR responsibility to get your missed work from me…not me reminding you to make it up.
**The letter for materials needed for the BOXER shorts project will be distributed one month prior to purchase fabric, thread and elastic (supply list is also on my web site.) Please have both parent AND child go shopping for them. Kids who are unhappy and think their fabric is ugly will NOT be motivated to complete this sewing project.